Dr. Kathleen Werden

Dr. Kathleen Werden has been in small animal general practice for over a decade, with specialization in dentistry, pain management, behavior, and internal medicine. She is passionate about management of complicated cases and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Her goal is comfort and quality of care within the particular family situation. This is especially true with end of life care.

With a strong sense of community, Dr. Werden also started a cat rescue called The Cats At Longstreet that works with cats of all ages and stages, many of which need behavioral and/or emotional rehabilitation, to find loving, lifelong homes. This work has extended into feral cat trapping and spay/neuter programs, and assisting with the placement of the occasional special dog.

Clients appreciate her candor, insight, state-of-the-art medicine, and dedication to both constant improvement in self and in standards of care, as well as the well-being of the pet and client.

Dr. Werden loves spending time with her husband and two young children. Together, they travel, hike, and get into all sorts of trouble outside in the garden and on the farm. When Mommy and Daddy have adult time, they look forward to live music, excellent food and friends, and patronizing the local wineries and breweries.

At home, the house is full of fur, a bit of controlled chaos, some dirt ,and a menagerie including a senior Golden named Dixie (Dixie GAWDBLESSIT), a senior Beagle named Abby (Crabby), three young cats (Bean Bean StringBean, Penelope Mews, and T-Wrecks), and finally, three senior cats, Berlin the Terrorist (Bobo), Gibson (GibbyGibGibbs, or BadCat), and DejaBoo (DejaBOOTY), all of which have entirely interesting lives unto themselves. Gibby is so interesting, in fact, that he has his own Facebook website, Diary of a Bad Cat.

Devon Reed-Cunningham

Hospital Manager and Licensed Veterinary Technician

Devon had completely different plans for her life when she graduated Virginia Tech. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences, she intended to pursue a career in chicken-y things. As an in-between job, she applied for a part-time receptionist gig at a local animal clinic. Once hired, she found herself not in reception, but helping more as a veterinary assistant behind the scenes. Although fresh out of college, her interest was piqued and she soon found herself enrolling in the Veterinary Technology Program at Northern Virginia Community College. She graduated the program as a Licensed Veterinary Technician and became one of only two such individuals in her practice, paving the way for better patient care and hospital standards.

In her free time, Devon enjoys reading above all else, especially with a nice, hot cup of tea beside her. We are convinced her knowledge of tea surpasses most of Northern Virginia at this point. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Bryan, who often has super awesome opportunities to visit far away magical lands the rest of us can only dream of. Devon has strong interests in health and fitness, attending weekly yoga classes and sometimes Pilates, as well as maintaining her own at-home fitness plan. She also enjoys gaming, spending some evenings indulging in World of Warcraft with friends. She likes computers.

Devon and Bryan share their home with three cats, Luna (a.k.a Ooh-Ahh), Zelda (a.k.a. Pelbs), and Dorian Grey (a.k.a. Dickie, Shreve, and about 5 other names). Devon has two fish, Pekoe, her super-sized goldfish, and a little white Betta fish named Kelsier. Her commitment to her fish involves making their food at home, weighing them regularly to ensure they are not obese, and aggressive tank maintenance due to their unclean habits. The couple also has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sir Reginald Bacon, who’s primary job is professional snuggler. Reggie is the proud owner of a literal mountain of toys that he spends his days squeaking, pouncing on, and occasionally having an intimate moment with.

In her career as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Devon has worked mostly in private practice, but has worked in emergency and critical care as well. Since our clinic’s inception, she has focused primarily on management duties and is pursuing her practice management certification. Devon’s unwavering dedication to the clinic’s success on a daily basis provides a model of excellence to which we all strive to meet. She is the reason we have the correct medications to dispense to our ailing patients, the proper equipment to operate our anesthesia machines, oxygen to provide to our surgery and emergency patients, licensing for our x-ray machines, food for our patients, and someone to pick up our lab samples every night. Because she is so focused on our well-being as a whole, Dr. Werden is able to be a doctor first, not a manager, Kristin is able to devote her skills to patient care and anesthesia, and Kristina is able to continue working toward her goal of becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Simply put, Harmony Hill Animal Hospital would not have existed, and could not exist today, without Devon.

Kristina Clifford

Veterinary Assistant and Student Technician

Kristina graduated high school having completed some basic veterinary courses. She knew what she wanted to do early in her educational career and sought out opportunities to support her interests. Those courses led to her first job as a kennel assistant. Although young and rather inexperienced, Kristina quickly learned how to be helpful beyond cleaning kennels and walking dogs. She soaked up knowledge from coworkers and veterinarians and quickly moved into the position of veterinary assistant. Late last year, Kristina enrolled in the AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology program through Penn Foster. She continues her educational journey in veterinary medicine and plans to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician within the next couple of years.

Outside of the clinic, Kristina enjoys reading, hiking, binge-watching Netflix, going to the movies, and attending yoga classes or getting in some regular gym time. She has a senior pup, named Abigail, who came into her life several years ago from another family member. Abby (affectionately known as Crabby…for reasons) has many special needs which are closely monitored by Kristina and Dr. Werden. Bean (a.k.a. Bean Bean String Bean), is her super awesome cat. Bean has some special needs as well, but his most important qualities are his emotional support purrs and biscuit-making. Kristina has a particular interest in geriatric pet care because her first cat, Hope, was a hospice kitty that she adopted through our rescue. When Hope passed away, Bean assumed the honorable role of emotional support kitty for Kristina.

As a team, we are exceptionally proud of Kristina and her accomplishments. We have watched her develop into the excellent assistant she is today and we are extremely fortunate to have her with us every day. She supports her coworkers unconditionally and is constantly moving around the clinic, caring for patients, attending to clients, answering the phones, cleaning literally everything, or creating procedural documents. As her mentors, we (Dr. Werden, Kristin, and Devon) continue to help her move forward with her training and degree. She attended her first continuing education conference as a student recently, and was so happy to have been able to take part in the wonderful educational opportunities presented in the lecture halls.

Harmony Hill Animal Hospital could not operate without support staff. Kristina is a major part of the backbone of this clinic. We cannot thank her enough for dedication, eagerness to learn, and her beautiful, kind soul. She loves patients as if they were her own pets and family members. She is an exceptional individual and we are thankful for her presence every day.

Sierra Hall

Customer Service Representative

When she was younger, Sierra didn’t know quite what she wanted to do, but she knew she really liked animals. She finished high school and then continued on to college, following the rest of the students through the regular ‘ole classes and finished her college career with a business degree.
After obtaining her degree, she decided to try doing something she liked, so she went back to her veterinary interest roots. She asked a friend who was employed as a veterinary assistant if she enjoyed her work and what it was like. With that knowledge, she went to a local clinic and inquired about becoming a veterinary assistant, but unfortunately, they were not hiring for the position. Instead, she was hired as a receptionist and made the most of her time there. With her penchant for excellence, it didn’t take long for her to move into supervisory roles and become a model for new, incoming employees. A few years ago, due to some changes in her personal and professional life, she felt she needed a change and decided to head back to school. Earlier this year, Sierra graduated and obtained a degree from Northern Virginia Community College as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Sierra has many interests outside of the practice, including hiking, relaxing in her hammock, traveling, reading, and participating in 5k runs. She has not only completed 5k runs, but also enjoys competing in Rugged Maniac events and aspires to compete in a 10k in the near future.

Sierra and her boyfriend, Justin, share their home with 3 cats, Dinozzo, Killian, and Monkey Mayhem. Justin is also in the veterinary industry, and has been for many years. Dinozzo, the oldest of their cats, is a handsome, laid-back fella, unlike his housemates. Killian is a bright orange boy who definitely lives up to his fiery appearance in attitude. The youngest Monkey Mayhem gets into literally everything in their home. Sierra and Justin have had to make adjustments around the house and add child locks for cabinets, trash cans, and other areas just to keep her from getting into food or eating inappropriate things (like banana peels and onions).

We are beyond grateful to have Sierra as our lead customer service representative. Most of the time, she is the voice you hear on the other end of the phone when you call, and the beautiful, smiling face that greets you when you come in our front door. She has exceptional attention to detail and strives for excellence in all she does. She loves to learn and is eager to train in other areas of the clinic. Her ultimate goal as a Physical Therapist Assistant is to become certified in canine rehabilitation. We look forward to supporting her and hope to see her goals come to fruition. We would be hard-pressed to find someone as committed and passionate as Sierra to help welcome new clients through our doors.