Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance
Pet insurance is a wonderful way to help you provide the best care for your pet and give you peace of mind during medical emergencies and treatments. It can help remove the financial concern from medical decisions and help you focus on what the best course of action is for your pet.
Which plan do I choose?
There are many different pet insurance plans available and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Pet insurance can cover things like accidents, illness, wellness/preventative care, dental work, etc.

The best way to figure out which plan is right is research and look for a plan that matches what you’re looking for. Do you want an all-in-one package, just emergency care, breed specific issues, or dental care? Many companies will offer more than one type of coverage and will let you build your own plan.

Many plans have the option to adjust deductibles, reimbursement amounts, annual maximums, etc. Choose a plan that will work well with your budget.

When do I get insurance?
The best time to get insurance is early in your pets’ life. This ensures coverage from the start and may prevent some issues being considered pre-existing later in their life. Some breed specific issues may not be covered so check with the plan so be diligent when choosing a plan.

If you’ve just adopted an adult cat or dog, try to get a plan set up right after their first veterinary visit, which can help cover any issues that may develop over time.

How does this work?

Most pet insurance agencies will have you pay the bill at the time of service, then you’ll submit the claim for reimbursement afterwards. Some will pay the clinic or hospital directly.  Be sure to check out what the plan you’re looking at offers, and what works with your finances.

Some popular pet insurance companies to check out are: