Pet Wellness Care in Sterling VA

Wellness Care

Pet Wellness Care

Wellness is more than being free of illness. At Harmony Hill Animal Hospital, we work with you to make sure your cats and dogs are as healthy and happy as is possible. Regular examinations, vaccinations, and blood work help catch potential problems early.

What can you expect at a wellness exam?

One of our assistants or licensed technicians will get a full history about your pet including concerns or questions you may have, diet, what medications and preventatives they may be one and any other pertinent medical information. They will also get your pets weight and temperature.

Our doctor will do a full nose-to-tail physical exam and dental exam. They’ll discuss the exam with you and go over and recommendations for vaccinations, lab work, and other needs.

We offer vaccinations based on your pets lifestyle and needs. For our feline friends, we offer reduced volume, adjuvant-free vaccines.
We over a few different age-appropriate preventive lab work profiles at a reduced cost to help you get the best care for your pet.